LIBS 2016

Du 12/09/2016 au 16/09/2016

Centre des Congrès Majestic - Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

Abstract submission procedure:

1) Prepare your one-page abstract according to the LIBS2016 Abstract Template.

2) Prepare the PDF file of your abstract (a unique file) by selecting your preferred presentation form among the three proposed forms:

“Oral preferred poster accepted (OPPA)” or “Oral only (OO)” or “Poster only (PO)”

Name your PDF file with your preferred presentation form in one of the three ways:
Surname_ Frirstname_OPPA.PDF
Surname_ Frirstname_OO.PDF
Surname_ Frirstname_PO.PDF
You are ready to submit your abstract on the conference website.

3) To submit your abstract, please go to "Pre-register" page, fill the form and create your account (if not yet done). Please sign in your personal space with your e-mail address and your password, then go to the "Pre-register" tab and check the general conditions (if not yet done). Then go to "My Abstract", enter your title, the authors, your preferred session and upload your file. The uploaded file will appear at the bottom of the "Abstract" page.
N.B. The session that you choose together with the keywords that you put in your abstract will help the organizers to treatment more efficiently your abstract. It will not be decisive in the selection of your abstract.


1) M1 & M2 Overview & Fundamental I & II
2) M3: LIBS among other techniques
3) M4: Quantitative analysis & Data processing
4) T1: Molecular & Ultrashort
5) T2: Molecular, Organic & Bio Med
6) T3: Archeology & Cultural heritages
7) T4: Instrumentation
8) W1: Enhancement & Hydride approaches
9) W2: Liquids, Particles, Powders
10) W3: Environment
11) TH1: Extreme conditions
12) TH2: Geology, Gemology & Criminalistics
13) F1: Nuclear & Energy
14) F2 & F3: Industrial applications I & II
15) Other
See the “Program at a glance” to have an overview of the sessions programed in LIBS 2016 conference.


7 March 2016: Registration start

23 March 2016: Abstract submission start

7 June 2016: Abstract submission deadline