LIBS 2016

Du 12/09/2016 au 16/09/2016

Centre des Congrès Majestic - Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France


Five different forms of presentation
to optimize communication and exchange!

Plenary lectures (50 min questions included) delivered by worldwide well-known scientists and experts shine a light on LIBS: the state of the art, its advantages and complementarities versus other techniques, its achievements and its future.

Invited talks (25 min questions included) programed according to the suggestions of the ISC and the local organizing committee, offer a snapshot of the LIBS technique and its applications in the current development state with its most advanced realizations by the most active and representative LIBS R&D teams all over the World.

Oral presentations (15 min questions included) selected by the ISC and the local organizing committee from the submitted abstracts, correspond to the most important form of communication of the recent progresses of hundreds of most significant LIBS projects all over the World. The short presentation format allows the speakers focusing on the obtained results and pointing out the potentials.

Vendor session talks offer an overview of the commercial availability of the LIBS technique and the related equipment such as lasers and spectrometers. Delivered by engineers or techno commercial staff from LIBS system providers or component providers, these talks will facilitate exchanges and collaborations between the R&D and the commercial activities in LIBS technique and in related applications.

Poster presentation (415 min of presentation and discussion!) is the best way to present in detail results and achievements of various projects of R&D in LIBS and related scientific and technological fields. The possibility of exchange in a relaxed ambience is the unique promise of this form of presentation. It is appreciable for senior researchers and especially for young students to whom best student poster prices will be specially awarded. Have your posters ready!

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